La légende du Capim Dourado

The legend of Capim Dourado

The legend tells

In the 15th century, Atahualpa, the last Inca king, decided to hide the Inca treasure before the arrival of the Spanish conquistadors. He asked that his treasure be transformed into gold powder and entrusted to the god of the wind who, with one breath, transported it to the East and gave it back to Pachamama, Mother Earth. This is how this unique plant in the world was born in Brazil.

A unique plant

Capim Dourado (vegetable gold) is a unique herb in the world, with a white flower with a metallic golden colored stem. It is found in the state of Tocantins in the heart of Brazil, particularly in the Jalapao region.

Between September and November, when the plant reaches maturity, the stems take on a golden color, announcing the time to pick.

The communities living near this territory have the art of weaving this plant in the traditional way.

Jewelry making

The jewelry offered is mounted with brass clasps, 3 micron gold plated, guaranteed without toxic metals (cadmium, nickel or lead), in accordance with the European standard. They are braided with polyester thread with a metallic texture and galvanized steel wire to hold everything together.

Preserve your jewelry

For better conservation, here are my tips:
- avoid wetting the jewelry;
- wear your jewelry while waiting a few minutes after putting on your creams, perfumes, etc.
- store jewelry separately in a cloth to avoid friction;
- avoid wearing jewelry during physical activities.

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