The spirit of the store

The idea for this online store was born following a trip to Brazil to see my family again. I am Brazilian, from Para, in the north of the country, in the Amazon basin. Meetings with indigenous tribes and the local population made me want to share handcrafted jewelry with you.


The name AmazoniKaa originates from the compression of the words Amazonia and Kaa, meaning leaf in the indigenous Tupi language, spoken by many Native American ethnic groups.

Indeed, there is not a single indigenous people, the Brazilian territory is dotted with numerous peoples with their own language, culture, rites, etc.

Tribes of Brazil Each ethnic group uses different patterns. The ornaments are sufficiently characteristic to represent them and differentiate them from each other.

Although attached to their lifestyles and their roots, far from our consumer societies, certain tribes use the sale of artisanal products to make themselves better known to the general public and the political sphere, in order to better defend their interests and protect their territories.

The Brazilian Constitution recognizes the rights of indigenous people to the lands they traditionally occupy, but numerous conflicts regularly oppose them either to clandestine gold prospectors, the garimpeiros, or to large landowners who seek to enlarge their territories for their livestock or their crops.

Some tribes must use video surveillance systems to protect themselves and report problems to the appropriate authorities.

Computer natives

Indigenous communities are on the front lines against deforestation of the Amazon rainforest. This artisanal trade allows them to have a certain financial autonomy to continue the fight to preserve their cultural heritage and their land.

AmazoniKaa presents jewelry created by different indigenous tribes of the Amazon basin, particularly from Brazil. Handmade, they are made in an artisanal way in their villages, mainly using dried seeds and/or glass beads, ceramic, wood or porcelain, mounted on steel frames, nylon threads or of cotton.

I work directly with indigenous associations in the Amazon as well as other local artisans in Brazil.

The AmazoniKaa brand participates at its level in the work of preserving indigenous culture, in the recognition of its way of life while respecting their territories, in a transparent manner with our customers and our partners who share the same values ​​with us.