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Artisan local situé dans l'état de Sao Paulo au sud du Brésil.

Earrings - Jarina - olive green - Las Tribus

Earrings - Jarina - olive green - Las Tribus

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Jarina earrings

Clasp: 950 triple silver bath and hypoallergenic palladium

Color: olive green

Size: 5cm

To combine with the necklace.

Immerse yourself in the exoticism of Brazil with our stunning jarina earrings, a true celebration of natural beauty and traditional craftsmanship. Handmade by talented Brazilian artisans, these earrings are more than just fashion accessories; they are a statement of style and commitment to preserving the biodiversity of the Amazon rainforest.

The jarina, also known as the "carnauba palm", is an emblematic species of the Amazon rainforest. Jarina seeds are sustainably harvested by local communities, then processed into beautiful beads to create our unique earrings. Each pair of jarina earrings is a true work of art, showcasing the natural texture and warm color of these exotic seeds.

Whether for a special occasion or a casual day, these earrings add a touch of effortless elegance to any outfit. Lightweight and comfortable to wear, they are perfect for highlighting your personal style while remaining in harmony with nature. Their timeless design and quality craftsmanship make them a must-have accessory for all conscious fashion lovers.

Look no further, our jarina earrings are the perfect blend of elegance and environmental responsibility. Add a touch of the exotic of the Amazon to your wardrobe while supporting local artisans and the preservation of biodiversity. Order now and let yourself be seduced by the natural beauty and authenticity of our jewelry.

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