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Ethnie Kayapo, localisée dans l'état du Pará au nord du Brésil

Miçanga bracelet - large size - blue - Kayapo ethnic group

Miçanga bracelet - large size - blue - Kayapo ethnic group

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Miçanga bracelet (glass beads)

Large size (diameter 69 mm).

Width 80 mm. ( choose the size of your bracelets )

Blue and brown color.


Miçanga Kayapo bracelets are iconic jewelry adorned with intricate tribal designs, testifying to the artisanal expertise of the Kayapo ethnic group in the Amazon. These patterns, often geometric or inspired by the surrounding nature, convey deep cultural narratives and an attachment to spirituality. Each bracelet thus becomes a unique piece, capturing the vibrant aesthetic and rich history of the Kayapo community.

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