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Ethnie Pataxo, localisée dans l'état de Bahia à l'Est du Brésil.

Morototo and red açai bracelet - Pataxo ethnic group

Morototo and red açai bracelet - Pataxo ethnic group

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Morototo and acai seed bracelet

Size 19cm

Red and brown color

Immerse yourself in the world of traditional crafts of the Pataxó ethnic group of Brazil with our morototo and açai seed bracelets.

Each piece, painstakingly handcrafted by the talented artisans of this indigenous community, reflects the very essence of their culture and their deep connection with nature.

Morototo and acai seeds, carefully selected, bring a touch of authenticity and charm to each bracelet, with a minimalist design ideal for everyday use.

By choosing our bracelets, you not only support local artisans, but also the preservation of their culture and traditional way of life.

Treat yourself to a touch of authenticity by ordering these unique pieces now, witnesses to the history and tradition of Brazilian indigenous peoples.

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