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Ethnie Kalapalo localisée dans le Parc Indigène du Xingu dans l' état du Mato Grosso au Centre-Ouest du Brésil.

Miçanga Coral Necklace - blue - Kalapalo Ethnicity

Miçanga Coral Necklace - blue - Kalapalo Ethnicity

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Coral Miçanga choker necklace (glass beads).

diameter 130 mm. (46cm length open)

Blue color.

Explore the enchanting brilliance of nature with our remarkable miçanga coral necklace, in shades of blue and red, crafted by an artisan from the Kalapalo ethnic group.

Each bead in this necklace is painstakingly hand-woven, reflecting traditional craftsmanship and the deep connection to the Amazonian land.

Inspired by the colors of a sunrise over the waters of the river in their territory and the coral snakes of the forest, this necklace evokes a feeling of freshness, tranquility and respect.

Wear this piece of ethnic art to add a touch of exotic elegance to your style, while supporting indigenous artisans and their cultural heritage.

A unique jewel, imbued with the vibrant soul of the Amazon rainforest.

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