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Ethnie Wai Wai localisée dans les états de l' Amazonas, Pará et Roraima dans le Nord du Brésil.

Miçanga necklace - black and green - Wai Wai ethnic group

Miçanga necklace - black and green - Wai Wai ethnic group

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Miçanga necklace (glass beads)

diameter 200 mm.

Black and green color.

Feel transported to the depths of the Amazon with this exquisite choker necklace, hand-woven with glass beads by the talented artisans of the indigenous Wai Wai ethnic group. Each bead tells a story, each pattern is a living heritage of their ancient culture.

Located in the states of Amazonas, Pará and Roraima, these artisans dedicate their lives to preserving their ancestral traditions, while creating pieces of timeless beauty. Each woven thread, each colorful bead, is a precious link with the lush nature that surrounds them and with their ancestors.

Wearing this necklace means embracing the rich history and cultural diversity of the Amazon. It means supporting ethical and sustainable craftsmanship, while celebrating the creativity and know-how of indigenous communities.

Let yourself be enchanted by the magic of the Amazon through this unique jewel, a symbol of resilience, beauty and connection with mother earth.

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