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Ethnie Pataxo, localisée dans l'état de Bahia à l'Est du Brésil.

Jueirana burgundy twisted long necklace - Pataxo ethnic group

Jueirana burgundy twisted long necklace - Pataxo ethnic group

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Twisted long necklace of jueirana seeds .


Size: 39 cm.

falls at chest level.

Immerse yourself in the colorful and vibrant world of indigenous crafts with our remarkable jueirana seed necklace, skillfully created by artisans of the Pataxó ethnic group.

Each jueirana seed, carefully selected for its natural beauty and diversity of colors, is handwoven to form a unique and enchanting necklace.

Wearing this necklace means embracing authentic Pataxó culture and craftsmanship, while supporting their community and preserving their cultural heritage. It also celebrates the beauty and diversity of Brazil, while contributing to the sustainability of fair and sustainable craftsmanship.

Wear it with pride, as an ambassador for cultural preservation and appreciation of nature, and let its multi-colored beauty brighten your daily life.

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