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Ethnie Apalai, localisée au Nord du Brésil.

Traditional Morototo seed necklace - Apalai ethnic group

Traditional Morototo seed necklace - Apalai ethnic group

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Traditional necklace Morototo seeds

Brown and black colors


Size 35 cm

Explore the cultural heritage and natural splendor of the Amazon with our remarkable morototo seed necklace, an exceptional piece of jewelry created by the talented artisans of the Apalai ethnic group, dedicated guardians of millennia-old traditions in the heart of the Brazilian rainforest.

Each core, carefully selected and worked with meticulous expertise, reveals the richness of Amazonian biodiversity. The brown shades capture the very essence of the earth, while the natural texture of the kernels evokes the strength and beauty of the ancient trees that inhabit the jungle.

This necklace embodies the harmony between man and nature, reflecting the sacred respect of the Apalai for their environment and cultural heritage, symbolizing the deep connection between the community and the land that nourishes them.

Wearing this necklace means embracing the cultural richness and ancestral wisdom of the indigenous peoples of the Amazon. It also means supporting ethical and sustainable craftsmanship, by promoting the work of local artisans and contributing to the preservation of the unique ecosystem of this region.

Wear it with pride, as an ambassador for cultural and environmental preservation, and let its splendor inspire you every day.

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