Les ethnies indigènes du Brésil

The indigenous ethnic groups of Brazil

Geographical distribution

More than 305 indigenous ethnic groups live in Brazil, not counting certain isolated tribes, spread across the Amazon basin but also in other regions of the country, representing around 900,000 people.

The Brazilian Government recognizes 690 indigenous territories covering 13% of the country's surface area, almost all of which are located in the Amazon.

Way of life

Most of these peoples live off the resources of the forest and rivers, finding food through fishing, hunting or gathering. However, they also use modern means to communicate and protect their territories.


They use crafts to make themselves known and have a source of income, in order to have their rights respected but also to access university, while maintaining their identity, before returning to their villages.

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Official sites

You can have more information on the official Brazilian sites below:

Fundaçao Nacional dos Povos Indigenas (FUNAI) - Brazil
Povos Indigenas no Brasil
Brazilian Institute of Geografia and Estatistica

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